Code Academy Work Space Down

At the top right it says connecting to code academy then it says unable to connect to code academy.

I have the same problem, but it’s since yesterday. I, at first, suspected failed payment, but I guess that’s not it :confused:

Hello :wave:

Apologies for the inconvenience,
Certain courses have been resolved while the others the engineers are still working on it.

@chip9255476104 it looks like Python connection is back, please let me know

@dainiausia your access to free courses will not be effected by Pro payment, if you were to be blocked off Pro you won’t have any access to Pro content…
Which course was this regarding? Can you check if its working now?


@zainabrawat Hello, for me it was all courses, I opened quite a few of them. The main was web development path. I could load the courses, which I had previously done, just to read information, but web editor did not work, and I couldn’t move past ones I haven’t done. Be it pro courses, or the free ones.

Why I questioned payment in this situation, because it never happened before, and started just after it failed. Thank you for clearing up that it is not the issue here. :clap:

Nonetheless, today it works just fine, just checked all of the courses I’ve been doing up to this day. :partying_face:

Thank you for your concern :blush:

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Thanks for the explanation.

I’m glad you’re able to go back to learning as normal :slight_smile:

Happy Learning & Coding :green_heart:


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