Code academy points and badges

Hi there!

I’m progressing thru code academy python courses.

So are my friends.

Roughly we are at the same level.

But we do not have the same amount of points neither the same amount of badges.
(the difference is huge : around 30 to around 70

We don’t understand how we get or loose points and badges.

Where we can find information about that?

Thank you for your help


This writer fails to see the importance of points and badges unless this is supposed to be some kind of game. Is there any learning taking place or just a scripted race to the finish?


You can find information on the points and badges that Codecademy awards in the Help pages here:


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This helps. Thank you! :wink:

For fun we were comparing our points, that’s all! :wink:


No worries! :slight_smile:

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