Code Academy ls -l problem


I can't do the ls -l Code Academy problem because the computer won't let me move on in the command line.


You can't "move on"? What do you mean? No space characters or no typing possible at all? Did you try a different browser? Got a scriptblocker that could prevent the terminal from working?

If you just don't see any bash-tab you can click on the + sign in the terminal to open a new bash prompt.


I mean that I can't go onto the next pages of the Command Line. Both the space characters and typing won't make me move on the Command Line. I don't have a scriptblocker that stops the terminal from working. I didn't try a different browser.


I'm also stuck at this.. We're supposed to just type "ls -1"(step 2/10) in the command line but the "next" button stays grey

answer: my bad it's "-l" not "-1" <---- small "L"


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