Code Academy for High School Students


Looking for our high school Programming 1 Python class to access Code Academy as a resource. Is there n academic version avail;able? Thanks.


Hey Shawn, your class can access our Python course for free here:


Dan thanks so much !


Dan I have one more question…

My students have made an account on Code Academy. How can I check that they have completed a particular section such as Functions? Is there a more efficient way than going to each computer and seeing if they have completed the Function section? Thanks Dan for your insight.




Everyone has a public facing profile page like this

You can click on “badges” to see achievements too, that might be the granularity you want


Dan I clicked on the link and I saw your public profile. Do I need to have my students send me their public profile? If so where would they find this information? Dan thanks for your help in answering my questions.




If you have their username, you can see their profile with a URL following the same convention with /users/username. The one I provided was just a sample.