Code Acadamey is not resuming in correct lesson

I am positive I completed the HTML beginning lesson last year. I was starting on the CSS exercises.
I thought I only had to click the Resume section when I come back to this page. However, it brings me to page 1 of the CSS lesson. Now I find that I only completed 60% of the HTML lesson? As I stated before, I completed that last year.

Perhaps the problem is I have Code Academy set to my default page within my Firefox Developer browser. Perhaps I should log in and this will fix the issue?

I’m not sure.

The lessons given on Codecadamy are sometimes updated. This is probably the case for the html lesson you are talking about.

Since with that update the content of the lesson might have increased/changed the percentage of completed will change accordingly.

I personally also have a lot of badges of courses that don’t exist anymore. This stuff just happens when the content of the lessons change over the years.

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Thanks for the response. Do you work for Codeacadmey or are you a student like me.

Codeacademy are you out there?

No i do not work for Codecadamy. This is just my experience with a similar issue.

I flagged your issue so the staff will be notified about your question.

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