Cocept of right shift


I don't understand the concept of the right shift.What does it do? And how?
I searched it and I found those pictures below for the 2 types of shift, which one is the type that we use?:

And can you tell me why 1100 after the right shift turn into 11?
I just think that it should return to 1110 according to the second picture.
Can anyone show me with a picture how dose it work?
Thanks for answers. :relaxed:

Replace this line with your code.


shifting to the right means moving to the right by the number written like that:

shift_right = 0b1100
shift_left = 0b1

# Your code here!
shift_right = shift_right >> 2
shift_left = shift_left << 2

print bin(shift_right)
print bin(shift_left)

the result will be:
notice the difference between the values of shift_right
shift_left and the result
the observation that >> right shift which makes the numbers move to the right while the << left shift makes the number move to the left
the number written here is 2 so we move 2 to the right or two to the left


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