COBOL course?


I would be interested in taking a course in COBOL. I recognize that COBOL is considered a legacy language, but it is still very much in use (apparently) in business and banking. Unfortunately, it is not offered at my local universities or colleges, and I haven’t found a good (read easy to get started) online offering. I realize that this is very niche, but I also think there may be legitimate demand. I hope there may be others out there who are interested in learning this language.

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What do you think? @oduffy
This website can give you a high level look at COBOL. You can see right away why it isn’t the most desired language to work with.
That’s just the surface level of the headache, I’m afraid.

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That looks a lot like Ruby/Python, more Ruby.

Quite a few of those early programming languages, like COBOL and its contemporaries like ALGOL or BASIC, are probably still - perhaps indirectly - influencing the design of modern programming languages…

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If you are interested in a site that offers a COBOL course, this website is quite good. It is, I imagine, similar to the documentation, but it is really quite easy to understand, and well structured:

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I found this while trying to actually search for a COBOL course. I’m sure with everything going on in the world, and the huge call for COBOL programmers all across the US that making a course available would make a great impact! There are definitely people interested