I have to admit, this exercise is in terrible wording, just as stated initially.

Codecadey should maybe consider, that not everyone is a native speaker and explain a little bit more in detail.

The exercise in NO WAY explains how the expected result is related to the task. What relation does the results array in the solution have with the numbers handed in through the arry ‘numbers’?

Sorry, but this was one of the worst lessons so far, very frustrating and totally unclear (b/c of substandard description)

Hi @philippkowalski80717! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll raise this to our Curriculum Quality team now and see if they can take a look. To confirm, you are referring to this exercise?

Yes, that’s the exercise and one that perhaps has raised some concern in the past, but very little compared to others. The best they can do is closely examine the narrative to see if there is any diction change that might improve readership. It’s not a difficult problem to solve. One hates to give away the simple, one change solution.

Noted! Thanks, @mtf.

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