.cloud’s server IP address could not be found

i cant see anything just an error :
gfufmtj6prirul4d0kls5n035hol22cjm2a475vmmqk7r7nu8mjg.cc-propeller.cloud’s server IP address could not be found.

Hi @designpro22165,

If you try again now, do you get the same error? This may have been some sort of caching issue with your browser. Also, make sure your firewall allows access to the cc-propeller.cloud domain (and its subdomains).

My browser & firewall are fine, i even deleted all my browser data including cookies and cash, i hope you can help me to fix it i cannot use the website for over a week now.

just to be clear the website is working fine just the browser to show the code i am writing, i tried alot of things still not working

I’d take that as an indication of that it is on your end, or at least between you and codecademy, and not codecademy itself (you haven’t said what action you were attempting though, so nobody can compare with you)

So if one path is blocked off, replace it with something else.
Whichever one of firefox/chrome you’re not using, try that one.
If that’s still not it, replace the network route (avoiding firewalls, including any of your own). While slightly overkill, tor-browser would do this

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Well yea tor browser is working fine i think ii will stick with it for now, thx a lot for your suggestion