Closed question , can't edit or post an answer(plurality passed to resources)

I found a question I asked, and I have an answer to one of the things I asked, i’d like to edit one of my replies or add a reply, but I can’t do either of those. And no option to comment or to reopen it so I can do reply or edit a reply.

(I want to add to Controller, singular or plural?

I asked the question of why the resources line refers to the model name in the plural, when the model is in the singular.

I think a good response to that is that it’s referring(perhaps not to the table name, but), to the controller name, (which can be singular or plural, but when one has a resources line, or even a controller based on a model, where there are many items, then the corresponding controller would tend to be plural). BTW There is also a resource line available, besides a resources line. e.g. resource :blah as used where he uses resources :privacy_policy

The resources line does relate a url to a controller, implicitly specifying the controller name, so it makes sense that it is referring to the controller name.