Clojure and ClojureScript

Hi and congratulation to your large audience on the Python course!
Having recently realized the huge advantages of programming in Clojure/ClojureScript I want to encourage you to spread the good news that the same problems many solve today with Java and/or C# can be solved using radically simpler parts. One of the attractive consequences of switching to Clojure is that so much more of the programmers time is spent solving the problem at hand and less time is spent searching for bugs that sometimes are very hard to resolve. Testability is unsurpassed and the software quality becomes much higher. Quite interesting I think.
If the quality and productivity gains are not enough maybe the fact that Clojure programmers earn the highest pay of all gives a clue to the advantages of learning a language designed to make it easy for programmers to make good code design choices.

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Might be less key strokes but it ain’t very readable is it ?

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Coding is cool occupation - but reading this is better!

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:slight_smile: when I talk about productivity I do not mean number of keystrokes required to write a certain amount of code - taping is painless :wink:

The differens between Clojure and e.g. Java goes much deeper into structural aspects that makes Clojure code more testable, more extendable and more robust. Immutable data structures in combination with pure functions are key aspects.

This clip gives some insights

I am five years late. But before Clojure can be used on Windows PCs. A Clojure msi installer must be made available. The Clojure distribution on Windows is still in its Alpha stage after the past three to four years. The Clojure plugin on Eclipse is not functioning, and the other support on IDE is given by VS Code and Clojure IDE on the IntelliJ IDEA IDE.