CLI Issues and Understanding

Hello everyone,

Im trying to understand why my CLI is not taking me to options that are clearly listed. I am getting error messages saying “too many arguments” however, Im entering in the exact name of the file. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks! :relaxed:


Since CLIs use spaces to determine different arguments, it is extremely sensitive to spaces and in cd sharise code academy, sharise, code and academy are treated as three separate arguments, which throws an error as cd can only take one (a path to a folder).

If you want to pass an argument with spaces, you’ll have to wrap it in quotes, for example:

cd "/lyall/Codecademy Projects"

Happy coding! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! That worked


If you want to make life easier consider using either dash - or underscore _ (or something similar) instead of spaces for files and directories; spaces can be quite difficult to work with in a variety of situations.


Understood. Thanks for that tip!

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