Clearer understanding of python



While the lesson are amazing…
someone like myself need to visualize the full scope of the interconnected parts of the python programming language…
example: having a pdf file of maybe a pyramid of what all can exist in a function and how all of these parts connect…
is there anything like this on the web? ive tried to find it but I’m came up with nothing…
since my memory is terrible this is the best method for me to not only remember information but create ways for mind to associate correctly…
if there isn’t anything like this I guess ill just have to create one myself


Hi @boardace29510,

I’m unsure what you’re looking for. Just sharing few links I found from a general search (hopefully this is useful):

You can use keywords like “Python syntax cheetsheet” or “Python syntax infographic” and some variations when searching in google images. Good luck. :slight_smile:


this is exactly what I needed…thanks a lot!!! :smiley:


While resources such as the ones @codexthon has given you are great, nothing can beat the documentation.


I agree…the way my brain works I have to use them together to find better understanding…
looking at information from different angles really opens the mind up…thanks!!!