Cleaning US Census Data Project

Having trouble to convert both of the columns for ‘GenderPop’ column into numerical datatypes. So far I split the columns to ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ and now trying to figure out to remove the characters so it would only show the populations between male and female.
Here is what I have so far:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as pyplot
import codecademylib3_seaborn
import glob

us_census = glob.glob("states*.csv")

df_list = []
for state in us_census:
us_census = pd.concat(df_list)

us_census['Income'] = us_census['Income'].replace('[\$,]', '', regex=True)
us_census['Income'] = pd.to_numeric(us_census['Income'])

split_gender = us_census['GenderPop'].str.split('_', expand=True)
us_census['Female'] = split_gender[1].str.split('(\d+)', expand=True)[1]
us_census['Male'] = split_gender[0].str.split('(\d+)', expand=True)[1]

It’s #7 of the project. Here is the link