I stuck up with this project at point 4.

  1. Extract the label column death_rate from the data DataFrame and assign the result to a variable called y .

There is not death_rate column at all in the dataframe. I checked also the original dataset on Kaggle, it have not death_rate column either.

I see that the last column is called DEATH_EVENT
Perhaps that’s what they’re referring to. Must be a typo.

What lesson is this? Link?


Click on the header (Classification) the link point to the lesson…
I used the last column, must be right…

Sorry, I was on my phone and didn’t see the link to the lesson, only the Kaggle link.
the default cols shown on Kaggle is 10 of 13 total. change it to 13 and you’ll see the last column that I mentioned above.
It’s a typo in the lesson.

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