Classes Python

I am new to programming and I understood everything in the python course.
The problem is I still don’t understand the classes notion.
I would be grateful if anyone has been in this situation before who can help me to learn it !
Thank you

Perhaps just take a bit of time exploring classes yourself and consider doing (or even re-doing) some projects but making use of classes instead. Just try and get some practice in with something that interests you. Something where you notice a particular task is, in fact, easier when using a proper class would be ideal but it’s a gradual build up.

There’s also nothing wrong with going over the lessons again. The important bit is to understand the content rather than just tick things off.

Thank you for your reply,
I tried doing the codecademy python classes and still don’t understand it.
Do you have any tips or trick that could help?

There are plenty of other tutorials out there.

What is it you don’t understand about classes? Don’t you understand how to define a class? How to create an object/instance of a class? Why we need classes or what advantages and drawbacks classes have? Don’t understand the constructor?

The problem with programming concepts (classes in particular) take time to understand, and how, why and when a certain concept works good in a certain situation

I never truly appreciated and fully utilized classes to its full potential until projects really started getting bigger (dozens of files) and thousands of lines of codes.

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Thank you for the reply.
I think that i know how they works but i still don’t know why i am using them.

I touch upon this matter in my answer? The lessons are not a project large enough for classes to really start shining.

As you understand how they work, and you can work with classes, that is good enough for now. Then once you start doing some projects, you will see how you can use classes to organize and structure your code, classes allow you to group similar functionality, combined with inheritance overwriting, this becomes really powerful

classes aren’t magic, they are not always the best fit. They can cause overhead/performance loss.

Thank you for your help !