Classes: Build a Pokédex Project

A few issues with this project:

  1. There is an error Step 2 Hint. The issue is also on the Github Solution as well.
//Hint error
var property4: [""]
//Hint Correction
var property4 = [""]

Also, in Step 10-11, the way we are asked to fix the purposeful error was not touched on at all in the “Classes” lesson and REALLY should be addressed in the lesson on Classes because the explanation given in the Step 10-11 Hints is not helpful and gives very little insight as to why we need to plugin the following code to make sure the program works:


This Hint explanation has no context and is not helpful: " The super keyword is used to access the superclass’ init() method."


I don’t know if Codecademy looks at these forums or audits their programs. If they do, this really should be fixed/addressed.

I’ve moved this to Community>>Suggestions.