Classes and object oriented programming


Can someone please explain to me, in words of one syllable, the meaning of object oriented programming. ..assume that I am a 15 year old who has not done any programming now. Thank youUSE THE FOLLOWING TEMPLATE TO HELP YOU CREATE A GREAT POST!>

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Gosh,thank you friend for your quick reply. You have not made any mistakes at all.Let me see if I get the basics.Is a class an over riding umbrella literally speaking--in this case then "Game" or is it the "boss"? The "boss" is an object with properties such as health, name etc. . How do we link all these. It must be very difficult to remember all the properties, I suppose. I sort of understand. I need to do a bit more digging before I start the exercise. One more thing! Is a function such as inlict_damge an object or a property In the last set of exercies I/we looked at binaries and operands and functions. Are there objects/classes/properties in those exercises Thanks mate


Thank you for your time and effort....very much appreciated No you have not made any mistakes. I read your last post and I decided to have a look at the exercise "Why use classes?". I think i understood a little bit but don't feel safe /confident enough to try the next exercise. I shall have another look. Meanwhile I found this link that helps a lot to explain classes and object and hence Object_oriented Programming,
I look at the links and back to your postI am getting there slowly. Thank you


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