Class=visited is green instead of orange


class =visited should be orange

Replace this line with your code. 
<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
		<a href ="" class=link>How to Parkour</a>
		<p><a href =""<class=visited>How to squirrel suit fly</a></p>
		<p><a href =">Do Not try this at home <class=hover</a></p>


Is this markup raising errors?

First off, we won't need to assign any class names, so class=link, <class=visited and <class=hover may be removed.

Pseudo-classes are managed by the browser. All <a href="#"></a> elements have a :link property.. URL's that are found in the browser history add a :visited property which if written after the :link rule will override it. The :hover property is added when a mouse event occurs that enters the hot zone of the link text or the link image. A corresponding property is :focus which is added when a user tabs onto the link. A click event on the link results in the :active property being added to the link element.

The following should be added to the stylesheet.css tab:

a:link {

a:visited {

a:hover {


Insert the colors given in the instructions and submit. You will then be able to see the colors you expect. Hover on the links to see their color change. Be sure you have saved your work before clicking a link. Use your back button to return to the lesson. Now you will see the visited color.


thank you very much. Understand a little better now. I didn't get an error mesg, it just didn't look right.


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