Class selectors

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
		<!--Add your HTML below!-->
		<h3 class="fancy">
		<p class="fancy">

Right after, it says that i should put text between my paragraphs. What do i do?

It is bad practice to nest headings inside paragraphs and vice versa. Make a heading (h3) with class fancy, below (!!) the heading, add a paragraph. Give both the heading and the paragraph a fancy class

Please read this post about markdown so your code/indent will show.

Did i not do that above? can you show me how to set the class to fancy? This lesson does not give a hint…

you did indeed give your heading and paragraph a class fancy, but the nesting is wrong. You should have a heading first:

<h3>then close the heading</h3>

and after the heading, have the paragraph.

<h3 class="fancy">
	<p class="fancy">

Like this?

Okay, we have two things, a heading:

<h3>i am a heading</h3>

and a paragraph:

<p>i am a paragraph</p>

which are after one another:

<h3>i am a heading</h3>
<p>i am a paragraph</p>

then you add a class fancy to the h3 opening tag (<h3>) and paragraph opening tag (<p>)

Thank you for helping! I did it! im 76% into the course! THANKS! :laughing:

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OK, now I have a question. My problem is the same.
Here, let me show you…

Help me, please?

Am I not doing it right?

Could you copy paste your code to the forum so i can run it?

Yes, here you go. I erased everything else so that it wouldn’t just send the result it has. Sorry.

	<h3 class="fancy">Languages</h3>
	    <p class="fancy">Hello</p>
	    <P class="fancy">Hola</p>
	    <p class="fancy">Aloha</p>

Is this what you wanted?

You only need one paragraph. Anyway, your second paragraph (third element) has a uppercase P opening tag, causing the error

Dang it. Of course it did. Thanks for finding the error I overlooked!