Class Pig Latin

Can someone tell me what’s wrong? I’ve been breaking my head over this, it takes like 15 seconds and then it stops, it should work??? Its Python 2 btw

After this I pressed View Solution and it’s the same code lmao, even then it still didnt work, WITH THE SOLUTION, what is happening

I’ve heard of a few people getting caught out with raw_input causing hangs in the execution. Try reloading the page and move on to clearing cache files if that doesn’t work.

Hello and welcome to the forums @skifo!!

All you gotta do is reload the page…

When you use the raw_input() command, the computer is gonna ask you for input, which is the flashing white bar on the console.

Left click on the console, type your input, and then click enter.

The error message you are receiving is because codecademy is on a web server, so if the program is waiting for you and you aren’t answering, it it will edventually stop the program, and alert you with the error message.
I don’t believe you will ever run into this problem on your PC’s console.

Hopefully that answers your question :smile: