Class method error


I am getting a popup error message when running this code:

Does the Rules class washing_brushes method return the given string?

I get output from the print statement that appears consistent with what the exercise was expecting. Is this a bug? I have not looked at the solution, so I just want to know if this is correct.

class Rules:
  def washing_brushes(self):
    return "Point bristles towards the basing while washing your brushes."

paintcleanup = Rules()


Is the string exactly as requested in the instructions? Check to see if you can visually verify before following the suggestion in the next sentence. You might copy-paste the string between the quotes to confirm.

Also, it’s a good practice to post the link to the exercise on the forum.


Hello @couch_potato!! Welcome to the forums!!
I gotta admit that was the first time I greeted someone with that title.

What error are you receiving?
Is washing_brushes supposed to have an argument of self?

[Sorry I hadn't thought of that: ](

tx for both your replies @harjt and @8-bitgaming. I’ll try the copy and paste and see what happens.
@8-bitgaming The error message is displayed in my original message. It appears as a black background popup with red letters.


tried the cut 'n paste of the text message. No change. Strange.

Sorry I missed it the first time.
I would compare your string to the given, one character at a time, or copy and paste if you can, my computer won’t let me.

Usually if I get that error, it is because I missed something like a comma, period, or explanation mark.

Hehe @harrjt,
Yeah that’s right. I some how typed in a g at the end of basin. oh well, tx for pointing out the obvious.


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