Class 'disabled' not found in style.css


In 'app.js', we use .addClass to add a style to a certain element, but i didn't find the class 'disabled' in 'style.css', could anybody tell me where is this class?

BTW, I'm also wondering how we disabled the function of POST button when we use the '.addClass('disabled')' to the POST button? It does not make sense to me that i can disable the click function by add a style to this element.

Thanks you:)


Could you post the url of the exercise?

Is this part of the exercise? Don't forget jquery is client side, you can easily make a button show again by changing the css code in the browser, so it is not the best way to disable a POST button if you want the user to never use it again


Hi Imchenxingyu,

The disabled class is part of Bootstrap, the CSS framework a lot of Codecademy lessons use :slightly_smiling:
Bootstrap adds a couple properties to disabled elements, mainly:

.disabled {
  opacity: 0.5;
  pointer-events: none;
  /* ↑ this makes it so you can't click on the element */


Thank you, stetim94. Well,I didn't mean i want my user to NEVER use it again, just to disable the click function on this button when there is no text in the text box temporaily.

it is part of the exercise:


Thanks zystvan. This is the answer i wanna know :slightly_smiling:


You can do that, no problem