Class Basics - SCT Error


Gives me a SCT Error. I was using it two days ago and got the same error, I read it’s an issue with the code being checked against. Thought maybe it was just a server issue so I left it for the day, came back today and still there. Any idea what is causing it or how to get around it?

This is the code I am using, there was nothing on in the code space when I first loaded the exercise. If I remove the code and it’s just a blank space it still gives an SCT Error.

class Triangle(object):
	def __init__(self, angle1, angle2, angle3):

Also not sure where to report it but the “Go To The Forums” button in many of the lessons in python is not linking to the forum correctly, I think maybe the URL for the forums has changed to some degree.


You didn’t define your arguments yet, check out the example they gave you in the hint.


Whoops, that’s embarrassing! Thanks a lot!


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