Class Basics - How is it wrong!


The instructions say to 'Define a new class named "Car". For now, since we have to put something inside the class, use the pass keyword.'

My code for this is:

class "Car"(pass):

Can anyone tell me what is wrong? :worried:


I would search for examples of creating a class in Python, possibly throwing in "pass" or "empty" in the query if I was looking to make one with no methods or otherwise in it. What you wrote is quite far off (as opposed to a subtle difference) so simply comparing to an example should answer your question.


I looked back on previous exercises and it turns out pass cannot be an argument. It has to be inside the class. I also found out that the argument that has to be called 'object'.


Even more fundamental than that, pass is a statement, you might as well have put an if-statement in there.
In python2 your classes should inherit from object in order to use the new-style classes. (They changed the object model but were required to stay backwards compatible) In python3 they were able to drop backwards compatibility and all classes inherit object implicitly.


same here, i am stuck in this lesson.. i have tried to make the class Car(object):

class Car(pass):

class Car():

none of them works..

it is displaying error:
class Car(object):
SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

no clue whats wrong... some help will be appreciated,


Finally, got the answer.... just enter the following code in the area and the lesson will be cleared.
class Car(object):


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