.clamp() method


image What’s wrong with my code?
How to create variables with the clamp method?

  _.clamp(number, lower, upper);

That looks like a call expression, not a method definition.

clamp (number, lower, upper) {

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Thanks a lot~:blush:

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im completely stucked to this lesson , had not until now had anything with this on the role course , realy thinking about give up here have no idea whats to do and realy litle explanation :frowning: desapoited - the html css leassons was verry explained and easy to folow but the javascript make no sense almost all lessons i had to use the solution button because it never explain rigth and most the time its backwords the instructions. im completely stupid or someone else had the same feeling?


You hit a wall. That’s to be expected, and is by no means a measure of anything. We fall down; we get up; we get on the horse again. That’s all there is to it. Never give up.


hey thank you since that is not obrigatory to finished i skiped for now will be back on that later .
realy cant continue that one now didnt had enough info about that .
the continuation after that lesson 6 is ok for me doing ok because it uses a lot of things i used in the past .

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