City in flames


This is absolutely tragic. It is just so fricking tragic.


Given that there are 70 thousand people not sleeping in their beds tonight, and the six degrees of separation priniciple which seems to apply universally, none of us have not been touched by this event.


There are only ~86,500 on this island!


The Fire Chief said this morning that as many as 78 000 people were evacuated by last night. There is significant destruction in some areas but others have been spared/saved, thus far. Today will tell another story as conditions worsen.

30 C plus
30 to 50 km/hr winds
less than 15% humidity and dropping.

Close to 1000 homes destroyed. 1600 structures in all, and counting.


As of noon, it is reported that 88 000 people have been evacuated. That's your whole island emptied of people in less than 24 hours.


That's a very scary thought.

The entire island couldn't be evacuated that quickly though, the only ways off are boat or plane :confused:


The highway is turning into a parking lot at one intersection due to grid lock. Rescue fuel trucks heading in from the south to get fuel to stranded motorists.


This is a huge tragedy the world should hear about.

I didn't see any coverage on the news though.

Hearts go out to all.


I saw coverage from CBC on facebook last night. Haven't logged in yet today, and haven't checked that network. I'm listening to radio coverage on

There is probably a tonne of stuff going up on youtube by people fleeing the city. Haven't checked there yet, either.