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Hi everyone, sorry if I duplicated the question. Please let me know if so.

Question: Can I do citations to some Internet sources like Wikipedia or Stackoverflow if I copy/pasted the needed information from there for my reply or some topic?
Reason: It’s so unfair when the other users’ information was copy/pasted by me from other sources.

Thanks in advance! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Hi @cadempro!
If you want, you can add something at the bottom of your reply like:

Source: [Stackoverflow](, etc, etc

Which will result in:

Source: Stackoverflow, etc, etc

when you take away the coding backticks

Other then that, there is no built in way to cite things on the codecademy forums (or at least, not to my knowledge :grin: ).

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Thank you))) Hey, there, outta computer monitor, you're great. Cite: [Me](

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