Circuit playground express: doesn't run code

So, I just received the CPE unit and:

  • connected and it lit up.
  • updated with new firmware (UF2 Bootloader v3.3.0-adafruit.10 SFHWRO)
  • I can see it in my file explorer (Windows 10 home 64bit)
  • when I copy a file to it (very first coding lesson), it doesn’t run. Even if I tried “ejecting it”, it still won’t run. And yes, the import line is all one line.
  • even though it shows the file, I press the reset button and the file disappears.

Please, Any ideas?

I started this course just yesterday and the first exercise ran as per the instructions. Today it will not do anything. It will not save the if I try to overwrite it . I tried ejecting the CIRCUITPY drive as well. Any suggestions? Thanks