Churn Rate: Codeflix Project

Oh my goodness, here is my project.

I stressed a lot over this, since it was my first project using an appendix (courtesy of @lisalisaj). Will be accepting feedback. I feel like maybe I goofed on some of my answers, but for the most part I’m okay with everything.
Still can’t figure out how to put query into a .sql file, so I put it in a word document.

Hello! From looking though your project, your code seems to be in order, and the answers seem quite good. Your presentation is very good, although you could maybe link the slides to the appendix, just for ease of getting to the appendix without having to scroll through all of the remaining slides.
Other than that, very good job!

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How would I do this?

You could insert a hyperlink on the words appendix {letter} which link to the slide with that appendix on it.


Thanks, that did the trick!

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Looks good to me! :partying_face:
I like that you linked the appendicies to the slides too.

Maybe also segment 87 is a different user tier and just needs more incentives to stay too. (Who knows, I’m just speculating)

Oh, and to answer your question…you can always save your sql queries to a .txt or .rtf file too. You could use a free code editor and save them there. I used to use Text Wrangler (which is now BBEdit) and that was just fine. There are a number of free text editors out there too. But, I think it’s totally fine you saved them to a google doc. :slight_smile:

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