Chrome React Add-on

I have added the React add-on as explained in the article on codecademy, however, when I’m watching the project explanation videos I am realizing my view is much more different than what the instructor shows. I only have Components and Profilers added to my inspect element vs the instructor has React. Below added some screenshots.
My view:

Instructor’s view

Am I doing something wrong?

This happened to me as well, it has to do with a recent update Chrome made last month:,%22%20and%20%22%E2%9A%9B%EF%B8%8F%20Profiler%22.

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So we just use Components instead I believe?

yup, that’s what I’ve been doing

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I’ve got the same problem when I read the article React Developer Tools. It’s very different from the view in the article, maybe Codecademy needs to update their materials now.