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Hi, I have difficulty to use the chrome dev tool. I watched the video and followed the steps and when I choose an element and try to change the CSS of it in the Style panel I cant change the CSS. The button I selected comes up in css and the selector and its declarations but I have no option to change the background colour of it. I was trying to play around with it but it doesnt come up for me. I figured out how to add a new CSS rule but I cannot change an existing one. I was even trying to look up in chrome dev tools help to see how to do it, but that article seems to be outdated because I have different interface and cant find what they are showing in the article.

Did anyone had the same problem? I am not sure what to do. Am I going to need this later on?

Here is the link to the video lesson:

Thank you!

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If you double click on the rule, you should be able to change the values.

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