Chrome can't connect to the Codecademy?

Codecademy in Chrome can’t work. when I open some classes, it’s just black. But in Safari, the website works. Does anyone have the same issue or just my own issue?

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Which course are you talking about ?

I’m using Chrome and it works for me in every course I use. Was your internet down for a bit yesterday? Try it again and tell me if it works.

I hope this helps =)

Because of Apple>Google.

Jk lol. Clear your cache and cookies. Make Sure There is no firewall or SafeSearch Blocking CC. Force quit and restart Chrome. If the problem persists or you need help on these steps. let me know and I will tag someone who is on the support team into this thread and they will assist you.


Well Chrome works for me, and that is the only thing I use. So its not Chrome, at least I doubt it. Its probably one of the problems you said.

I have the same issue and nothing I do works…I was able to make it work for a few minutes, and then now I cant connect again