Chore Door- testing javascript linked to html -No console.log!

I’m working on the Chore Door project.

When writing straight js code, I would use console.log() to help debug problems. It is easy to have the script log the steps to the terminal as it runs making it easy to trace its progress.
On this project, the code is linked to an HTML doc and requires clicking on the elements in the website to activate parts of the js code.

Is there a way I can test this linked code similar to using console.log?
How is this type of debugging normally done?




Can you link to the exercise? I think if you inspect element you can open up your browser console and see how things react from there, even in the CC environment. If not you can always dl the files and assets and recreate it on your computer.

@board6993103169 that’s the best way to share it :slight_smile:
Did you try the inspect element for the console?

I’m not sure how to share the link…
I copied and pasted the web browers URL:

Is there a better way to grab the link data from the page?

That was just what I needed!
I copied the js, css, html file code to my vscode editor, then opened the chrome inspect window and went to the terminal tab.
My glitch was not realizing the terminal tab was there. Haven’t had much practice with it.

That is going to help a lot! Now I can follow my code better and find the glitch.

Thanks again!