Chore Door Step 67

Hi everyone, I’m in need of some help on the Chore Door project. My code was working perfectly until I had to add the startRound function. I went a few steps pastas most of it seemed like it was fairly simple and when i was done with the project about 4 steps later, the doors wouldn’t open. I tried going back and commenting out the code I had written, I even tried to compare mine to another programmer who was having trouble with a later step but nothing seems to be working. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m not too great at formatting just yet but here is my code. If anyone needs the HTML or CSS or any other clarifications please let me know. I’ll be posting my code within my help request as it includes links and as a new user i can’t have more than two…

Welcome @phiboy788. We will need to see your code in a post since we can only see our own code at the above link. Thanks for posting that link, though. We need that, also.