Chore Door - Step 64 - Why is it working?

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on this project:

In step 64 I’ve set the variable ‘currentlyPlaying’ to ‘false’:

const gameOver = (status) => {
  if (status === 'win') {
    startButton.innerHTML = 'You win! Play again?'
  else {
    startButton.innerHTML = 'Game over! Play again?'
  currentlyPlaying = false;

I don’t really understand, why this line is executed after the else block, but not in case the if-block is triggered.

Thanks and regards

this can has the following flow: do A (win) or B (loss), finally do C (currentlyPlaying to false)

after a conditional, you can perfectly have additional code which happens regardless of the condition.

Of course!
Sorry, I was completely stump…
This function is only called in specific situations and then it always has to end the game regardless of ‘win’ or ‘loss’.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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