Choosing what to study as online coach and student

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Sorry this might not be the most helpful question to most as it’s quite specific. I am looking to improve my effectiveness and quality most importantly in my online fitness coaching company but also as a student. I am studying Health & Exercise Science and as such do a research and stats but that is mostly taken care of already. In my online coaching I do a lot of the weight training and progress trackers through google drive and sheets. Every week and every end of training block I provide a review of progress through results of bodyweights, personals bests and measurements and photo. What areas/paths/skills can I focus on to get the best out of the making my work as aesthetic and vivid as possible as well as systematized, effective and ultimate leverage what ever program I learn to automate work so I am not wasting time as I am very busy person.

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If you want it on a web front one possible way is with HTML, CSS, Javascript, something like Python/Flask, and SQL.

You’ll need to manage the data you collect in a database (SQL), manage it in some sort of back-end capacity and serve it on a webpage (possible with Python/Flask, but there are other options too), you’ll want to make it look good and have great interactivity (HTML/CSS/Javascript).

You could also make it into an app (Swift for iOs, or maybe Java for android).

It may take a couple of months+ of study if you’re starting from scratch to begin to do all of it together but its doable.

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