Choosing an Operating system

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I use Windows currently for my browsing gaming and general media consumption needs, but I have heard coders don’t prefer windows for programming. I am below average in computer skill, you could call me a cracker, profiting from other people’s work.

I have always had a wish of learning proper programming (that’s why I am here) and I began with python, since codecademy chose it for me, and I have reached the part about git and github where I am thinking of working on real terminal (its satisfying to reproduce the results on a real terminal) and I am confused. Regarding choosing the appropriate operating system.

I have been wanting to make the switch from windows for quite some time but, always I stopped in my tracks, maybe due to the hectic research, or due to the countless distros (versions) of linux available.

If I can get an honest answer, what does codecademy guys think is the best distro for a newb like me to begin with? I keep reading, debian doesn’t come with wifi drivers, mint is not good, even ubuntu was destroyed by utility shell (don’t even know what that is).

Just a few opinions, regarding why is linux better than windows or mac, and which linux is good for beginning. And please don’t ask me to stick to windows, I absolutely want to switch (preferably with dual boot).


Okay, i will try to give an objective answers (which is not possible), before i can do so i would like to state that: An operating system is just a tool, use the right tool for the job, if i want to develop a windows application (in C# programming language), it would use windows, and i want to develop a IOS application i would use macOS

debian is mostly for servers, i would NOT recommend it as first linux distro

have used mint briefly, seemed good. What is wrong with mint?

to explain this, we need to take a step back. Where in windows the Desktop Environment (DE) is integrated part of the operating system, this is not the case in linux

From a technical standpoint, linux is just the kernel (the bridge between hardware and software), on top of that we have the DE and other software, which together makes GNU/linux.

couple years ago, ubuntu pushed there own DE (known as unity), but so far i know in the latest LTS release (Long Time Support) they used gnome desktop environment again, so this problem should be gone.

so ubuntu 18.04 should be a fine choice to get started.

It isn’t. I do use Linux over Windows, but the pros and cons which make Linux more suitable for me, might not hold true for a lot of other people.

dual boot is absolutely recommend, there might be pieces of software which don’t have a (good) linux alternative. Having backups is also highly recommended

Does it make any difference if I use ubuntu, xubuntu or lubuntu?
I have been hearing ubuntu is pushed by one corporation and they do odd antics like amazon search bar?

Nothing wrong with mint (I haven’t even been on linux), just it is hailed as being closest to windows, and I am trying to move away from windows, not get a shadow of windows.

I am getting more inclined towards ubuntu.

My basic purpose is learning as many languages as possible (since I believe in having a strong base), the app development part is so into the future, I haven’t even thought about it.

Could you point a good ubuntu setting up tutorial which allows me to get connected to internet quickly without headaches?

this guide seems reasonable:

and like i said, the DE is not part of kernel, this enables us to install multiple desktop environments.

the amazon search bar is easy to uninstall

I would focus on learning programming concepts, then it becomes easier to learn new languages.

only when it comes to the look of the desktop environment, there it ends.

Should work out of the box.

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Just one last query
What is the difference? I came to codecademy it chose python for me, should I have done something different? How to learn programming concepts without learning languages?

No, you shouldn’t do anything different, but don’t get too focused on the syntax of the language. Be aware of the concept

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