Choosing a path


what path would count as the easiest to learn and what would be the hardest?(front end/backend/data analysis etc…) and then, what languages would you recommend to learn for these paths?


Depends on what your background in coding is. What kind of experience do you have with programming? Moreover, what kind of future do you see yourself having with coding?


@safarnsworth, not only that, but for example i will never be a web designer, (which is considered relatively easy) given i have no sense of visual design

@ofir7771, this question is too broad, certain aspects might suit you better. And the paths you mention, there are too many language to list.


I’d say, just try a couple of courses on this website and see what floats your boat.


What are you using the skills for? Always start with the goal and work your way backwards. Do the one that is necessary for what you want to accomplish in the end.


It depends on your skills and knowledge. If you dont sure about it just try different cources to understand particular field.