Choosing a language to start with to complement spatial design background

Hi everyone,

I’d like to learn how to code, but I’m having trouble deciding on which language to start with. My background is spatial design (urban planning, urban design, architecture), so I was wondering if there are any specific languages that will complement this background.

I know ArcGIS uses Python, so I’ve started learning that. Should I continue with it, or is there another language that would be more useful?

If there are any architects/urban designers here, please let me know how you integrate coding into your jobs.

It’s not a language but have you looked into Blender? It’s amazingly strong and has a large community with tons of tutorials online.


It might be a moot point, but, keep building your strengths in CSS and push the envelope with it, alone, while learning and experimenting. Careers have been made from that foundation. Master it and the sky is the limit of what you can create visually.

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Hi there, thanks for your response! I’m pretty well-versed with 3D modeling software, so that area’s taken care of.

I wanted to learn how to code because it seemed interesting, but I dont know enough of it to know how to integrate it into my field, so I was hoping someone could point me towards clear direction.

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Do you have any examples of what CSS can do career-wise? I just know that it’s for website design, but if there’s something a bit more unconventional, I’d be curious to hear about it.

I would have dig around, same as you. There’s a really old site called CSS Zen Garden, if it’s still around. That would be a starting place. Talk to designers and cozy up to the ones who are proficient at CSS. Ask how much work it saves them.