Choosing a destination for the 'Submit' button

I am currently creating a form with a submit button. I am asked to include the destination where the information form should be sent to. I have no idea where to send it to. I simply using Visual Studio Code to create a basic website stemming from my folder but I don’t know how to write this.
I am seeing that the standard on Google searchnes I go to is…

.... blah, blah, blah

I am not sure what the action and method values mean in completing the Submit button process.


Hello @kevinolali0044820926, welcome to the forums! By destination, I assume you mean a separate file. What exactly is it that your form is doing?

Thanks for the reply. If you

If you look at this document, check out where it shows…, form action="". I am not exactly sure what to put into the parenthis. I am assuming this is the destination where the submission of the form should be sent once the form is completed.

The action attribute is often used when you have some backend code. It tells the code once this form has been submitted, redirect to <this> page. On that page, you can access the global variables of the form like $_POST, $_GET and others (this is for PHP).

GET! yes, that jogs my memory. So this would be the phrase I put for the method=" " next to the form action value

Yes, you could have:

<form method="GET" action="fileYouWantTheDataToBeSentTo">
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Thanks a lot for the information

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