Choosing a course about Git (and GitHub)

Hi! I would like to learn Git and GitHub, I want to have basic knowledge about this topic. But I don`t know, which course to choose.

I found [Beta] Learn Git & GitHub and Learn Git
Are both of them good? Which of them to choose? Is [Beta] Learn Git & GitHub enough to learn only this course?

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Both of them are good courses in my opinion but there are some differences:

Learn Git goes fairly deep into the fundamentals of Git itself but doesn’t really cover how to actually apply those in GitHub.
Learn Git & GitHub covers most of the content in the Learn Git base course (although some of the projects don’t seem to be included), but also has extra modules specific to GitHub, coving things like pull requests, rebases and issues. It is important to note that the course doesn’t looks to be fully released yet as some parts are marked with “coming late December 2021” but seeing as it’s past Dec 2021 that would suggest it’s coming pretty soon…

I would personally suggest the latter course seeing how useful and industry standard GitHub is.