Choosing a career strategy in your 40's am I going in the right direction?

Hi all.

I’m after some honest advice here.

Up until about 4 months ago I was not in a development role. I was in the operational branch of my work. Through my interest I moved into a low code role and started using the Microsoft 365 platform. I’ve done a few SharePoint lists, and started delving into PowerApps, and Power Automate. It was also around this time that I found code Academy, and started the front end developers course. I have become really fascinated with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and I find it interesting. Plus I always wanted to learn proper coding.

Now If I was still in my teens this would likely be easier, but I’m 42 and changing career at this point is somewhat harder. Family, other commitments etc. I look at a lot of the junior roles and the starting pay scale is very low compared to where I am now. 25K starting pay would have been a dream when I was 18, but that is half my current salary.

At the moment everyone around me says concentrate of the power platform as that will command good pay ability in the future, I could go down many different branches. But it is power platform only. I’m not allowed to use any custom HTML, or anything which doesn’t come out of the box as standard. Which I find quite annoying.

At the moment I don’t have a portfolio of projects to show off my HTML experience, so my only experience is in power apps and what I’ve learn through here on the code academy website. My low code role is also only temporary, so within 18 months I could be out. I’ve looked at other jobs but they all seem to want so much experience in languages, not one either but multiple.

My biggest worry is knowing a bit of everything, and being a master of none like the saying goes. Kind of hard to know what direction to go really. I’m thinking do I bail now on the power platform and pick a language in a low paid job and master that, or stick with it and do my own code around the side.

Would love anyone’s thoughts.
( I live in the UK for info)

Is there a possibility for you to move to a different role within the company you currently work for?
I would keep learning–maybe divide your time between learning a programming language and continue with the Microsoft stuff. Look at job posts that are internal. No one can afford to take a drastic pay cut.
Keep on learning and add projects to your portfolio and skills to your skillset.