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Hello! I am new to this field but I’m debating Front end, Back end, or Full stack. I currently work at web design company with only Front end devs so there may be a bias from them. I’m not a creative person and I’m not really interested in the artistic side of things. I’m not good at styling, colors, etc. Would Front end be a good place to start? I was considering Full stack to get a little of both but I don’t want to overload myself with information. Any help is appreciate!


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If you’re not interested in the “artistic side of things,” that’s exactly what you’re going to be getting with the Front-End career path (with some other things sprinkled in). On the other hand, the Back-End career path will handle everything on the back end–the things we do not see on a website. Full-Stack will cover everything.

If you’re wanting to ignore all things to do with styling, back-end development would be the place to start. If you’re looking to grow your repertoire or work on your weak spots, go ahead and give front-end or full-stack a shot.

Appreciate the reply! I have no prior experience with any coding or anything like that so I may start with Back end and then give Front end a shot later. I guess I’m still trying to decide what I like to but I know that I’m not a creative artistic person at all :smile:

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I think it really depends on what you are going for.

If you are aiming to do backend coding such as using Python, C#, or another language to modify or insert data into your data source (ie SQL/ SQLLite) and don’t have any need or want to learn web design then I would go with Backend development career path.

If your aim is to know a bit about both sides (backend and front end) then I would recommend full stack. It would give you a taste of both and help you to succeed in both areas.

I currently do backend processing but I am crossing between design and backend (ie making a backend process and the view that corresponds to it on a website). I felt the same about creativity, but I found when I code backend processes I have view in mind of how I want users to enter information and a way I want to validate that information before saving it.

Not sure that helps you much, but I’m doing full stack to expand my knowledge of front end.

That actually help a lot. Maybe since I’m trying to figure out what I want to do I give Full stack a shot. I’m just worried about overloading myself with information. I’m still interested in certain aspects of Front end, just not the artistic/design side if you know what I mean.

Appreciate the reply!

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