Choose the Right Door Game

Hello! I’m relatively new to Codecademy and just wanted to share a personal project of mine. I haven’t came up with a concrete name for this game but there are 4 difficulties to choose from. The easiest level presents you with 2 doors and you must choose the right door to progress and survive. A new set of doors is added for each level (Level 1 has 1 door, Level 2 has 2 doors, Level 3 has 3 doors, and so on). I would love to hear any criticism and ways I could improve this project and make it better!

GitHub link to project

About code.
Your functions for difficulty levels are very similar to each other, the only difference is starting value for i (you must provide more meaningfull name for the variable). So you can use single function with number of rounds as a parameter.

About idea.
As next steps you can provide some hints to player, because fully random game is not realy fun. For example, some puzzle with possible answers on the doors. You can store questions and answers in text file or in SQLite database in the future.

Nice work!

PS Sorry for my English)