Chocolate Scraping with Beautiful Soup - See plots

Hey guys,

We need to do a histogram and scatter graph as a part of this exercise.
I cannot see the results of them, just the website is displaying on the right side (and sure, I’ve added :slight_smile: !

In ex.8 it’s written "

Your plot will show up at localhost in the web browser. You will have to navigate away from the cacao ratings webpage to see it.

" but I still cannot see it.

Any reason ?


Hello @carlos_ferrer,

Sorry that your post was not noticed earlier.

You need to navigate to https://localhost/ to see the plot. Copy that URL into the address bar at the top of the display pane to the right of your code editor pane, as in the following picture:

Please let us know if this works.

Link to project: Chocolate Scraping with Beautiful Soup