Chickens & Dragons Adventure Game

Finally I have managed to get a decent enough version of my Python terminal game to share with the community.

It basically is a very simple RPG heavily focused on combat. The hero is able to face off with different monsters, collect potions, pieces of armor, and weapons, and move around different locations. There is also a final boss that is unlockable after 10 fights.

The locations and the story are very simple and would need to be better defined.

Also, I have an annoying bug with the weapon that I’m not able to fix.

Anyway, I’ve been working on this thing on and off for two months. I’m glad that I chose this instead of something more simple like blackjack, but maybe it wasn’t worth the time. At least I’ve learned quite a bit and hopefully a few of you will be able to enjoy it and give me some good advice.

I feel that the code could be simpler and more elegant, but that would require me going back and revise all the lessons, because I’ve done those a few months ago and honestly I don’t remember a whole lot from them other than the basics.

Well, enough from me… here’s the link to my GitHub:


First off, game has all the basic features you’d expect form an RPG and the flavour text is wonderful. It really does feel like you’re on an adventure.

Right off the bat though, I feel like we could use dictionaries (maybe even nested dictionaries!) to define the hero, enemy and places instead of using conditionals.

Great effort!

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Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, now after a couple of months I would definitely refactor a couple of things and especially work on the story and locations, in order to give the player a slightly more ‘immersive’ experience.