Chi-Square Hypothesis Testing results' interpretation in exercise "Familiar"

I am learning Data Science path about hypothesis testing

I’m doing exercise and have a question about the interpretation of the statistic result.
The exercise would like to know the significant difference between iron amount in “Vein packaged subscribers” and “Artery packaged subscribers”. With the data of iron counts from both groups,
Vein packages : 200 samples (70% low iron, 20% normal iron, 10% high iron)
Artery packages : 145 samples (20% low iron, 60% normal iron, 20% high iron)

I used Chi-square for testing and got the p-value at 0.0000000000 (10 digits format) which less than threshold of 0.05.
The question is if we could interpret that The artery package makes the subscribers healthier (having more irons).

Exactly, I think we just found out that there was the difference between the results of 2 packages but cannot assume that which one is better. Even so, we can obviously see from the figures given by the problem.

Am I right?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Are you asking about p-values in question 15 or 16 in the lesson?

Sorry for late reply. Yes, the iron_pvalue.

The iron value isn’t < 0.5 though, so, it’s not significant which is why in step 16 the second marketing copy phrase is returned.