is the following code correct i feel that it is not correct but it says that my code is correct <>>


pleas help me ???is my code corect??if not please write the missing or incorrect line


what you want to do?
if you just want to hide
then dnt need function after hide
just .hide()



You are getting unexpected end of input as your function is not closed, you need });


@vaibhav2286 You need to remove the function() { on line 2, and replace it with a single closing parenthesis ()) instead. The function() {...} part is only for when you want to do something after an event, like click():

$('div').click(function() {
  // ...

Since the hide() function doesn't expect you to pass in a function as an argument, and you don't need to be doing that, you should make line 2 look like this instead:


...and you should be passed :slight_smile: