Check Youself


Hello, can someone help me with this? I would like to run like this scenario (name, age, hobbies).



If you want to run this scenario, you should probably create a new workspace instead of using codecademy. The reason you keep getting an error message is because you are not following the directions. The code run original and run age also does not appear to be correct code.


why does if len(original) > 0: 4 spaces indent?

in the lessons, use follow the instructions, to experiment outside the lesson, use codecademy labs, or install python on your computer


Thanks for to be code will not wrong in Python? will this code can be run on Python? will do following the direction.

p/s : thank you too @stetim94


excuses me...what do you mean 4 space indent?


line 5 starts with 4 spaces before there is any code, this is called indent.

Why does line 5 have indent?


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